Ciara Jean Roberts

My mission is to help thousands of people across the globe to awaken their inner physician.

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Exciting News!

My book 'Wholly Aligned, Wholly Alive' launches 25th June.

About Me

 I am a passionate health advocate as a naturopathic nutritionist and yoga teacher, based in Crystal Palace, South London, specialising in one to one private yoga and also corporate yoga. Interestingly my current self care requirement of 8 hours of dialysis each night does not limit me in the life I lead. As such I guide people from a place of deep experience on living a wholly aligned life. Yes we can thrive and move beyond the layers of stories and wounds. I have done it which means you can do it too. I also transformed my life from this health crisis to transition from a very stressful career in private banking to now running my own purpose driven business, Wholly Aligned. Was it all a breeze? Of course not! But it became easier the more spiritual excavation I was willing to enter into. And there is great beauty to be revealed to us in our pain which is why it is so key we feel our feelings.

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