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My mission is to help thousands of people across the globe to awaken their inner physician.

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By doing one learns, through dreaming one creates, with study one refines, in loving one fulfils - such are the wisdoms for tending to the secret garden of our soul.

-don Oscar Miro Quesada

Unlocking your inner physician. Tedx Talk. Be inspired!

About Me

A warm wholly aligned welcome to you.

It's such a joy, you chose to stop by. Thank you. 

So. Just a bit about me.

Me. The personhood that is Ciara. I'm a yoga facilitator specialising in one to one therapeutic explorations. The world of embodiment and continuum hold great enchantment. A speaker, a writer, a naturopathic nutritionist. A dancer. A musician.

In short, a holistic health practitioner. The whole matters. We are the sum of all parts. Not separate. Not lost.

I, like you, am many things. A quester and explorer of the human experience. We all have stories to share.

Growing up under the Zambian sun, in the abundance of Southern Africa, gifted me a childhood full of nourishment. Freedom. Planting very strong seeds around the clear relationship between our environment and our own healthful outlook. We grew all our own vegetables and fruit. My Mom would source bread from local bakers selling their fresh bread out of big bags (all very word of mouth!). And our milk came from friends who owned a dairy farm. We drank water that had been first boiled and then stored in glass bottles in the fridge. Acclimatised to a sunny, warm Christmas time. Surrounded by lots of friends over for braii (bbq) and swimming in the sunshine. A very natural nurturance. Even with a diagnosis of a rare and progressive form of nephritis, kidney inflammation, at the tender age of 4. Between 4 to 10, I thrived in my beloved Zambia. It remains deep in my heart. And always will. It grew me well and strong. Readying me for the shamanic rite of passage that was to come....

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