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Here we meet!

Wholly Aligned

Ciara is a writer, yoga and movement teacher of 12 years, and a naturopathically trained nutritional therapist. Early teenage kidney failure, dialysis and two kidney transplants serve as rites of passage into deeper understanding of health systems and the imperative to take exquisite care of oneself and in turn each other and our living planet. Born in South Africa, raised in Zambia, an adventurer across 35 countries to date. Birthing Wholly Aligned in 2012, she stepped away from a successful career in banking, to fully embrace the wonderous world of health and healing. Bringing yoga, nutrition, and a sense of the sacred to groups, communities, and individuals. Leaving London in Summer 2022, she now lives in Ramsgate, the place where the ravens fly, with the swell of the vast salty seas nearby.


The weave of yoga

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